How to place orders?
1. Contact sales@sinovape.com to ask for a sales representative to work with you for future orders.
2. Send the order list to your representative by Email or Skype.
3. The representative will provide an invoice including the amount and the product and price details.
4. After the payment is made, your order will be prepared in 1 to 7 days.
5. The order will be sent to the address on the invoice which provided by the customer. The tracking information will be provided after it is available.
What payment methods do we accept?
We accept Bank Transfer, Paypal, Western Union as payment methods.
How do we do refunds?
While the order is placed wrongly or the payment is sent wrongly, you can ask your representative to proceed refunds.
How do we do warranty?
We offer warranties from 6 to 12 months on our products. The false products will be required to ship back to Sinovape in order to get replacements or refunds.