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Avatar VapeNut eCig Smoke Eliminator

Applicable Space: ≤ 10m³
Working Voltage: DC12V
Working Current: 0.1A~1A
Noise: Less than 50dB
Power Consumption: Max. 15W
Dimensions(WxDxH): 200mm x 200mm x 121mm


Vapenut (AVN-1) is an intelligent hardware device for smoke detection and elimination. It has built-in smoke sensor that can detect smoke density in real time and adjust intelligently fan speed for efficient removal of smoke and bring more fun for e-cig users.
1. Specially designed for electronic cigarette operation
2. High quality silent fan and circular arc duct design to reduce noise
3. Air turbocharger system, circulating air, healthy and fun
4. High density smoke filter
5. High precise multi-point smoke density detection technology
6. Intelligent mode switching, energy efficient design
1× Avatar VapeNut eCig Smoke Eliminator Body
1× Replacement Filter
1× Car charger
1× Wall charger(EU/US)